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BUY LOCAL Lynchburg is dedicated to promoting locally owned retail establishments and service providers. It helps fuel the local economy and preserve the unique character of our area. Many studies have been conducted about the importance of buying local and supporting your neighbors. Local businesses are the largest source of new jobs across the country and help keep money circulating locally.


BUY LOCAL Products

We are pleased to announce that T-Shirts from our Summer T-Shirt Design Contest are NOW available.  For a $10 donation, you can pick up either design at Givens Books (Lakeside Drive) or the Retail Merchants Office (Langhorne Road).


Shift Your Shopping

We're building a tradition that strengthens local economies, expands employment, nurtures a sense of community, and provides a more related, fun, and rewarding shopping experience.  As customers, we collectively spend a large portion of our annual shopping budget between November 1st and December 31st.  Thank you for joining us in "shifting" those shopping dollars to locally owned, independent businesses.

Based on studies of similar efforts, we should generate 2-3 times as much economic activity in our community than if we spend our money at a national chain.  Across North America, that could mean billions of dollars of economic impact.

BUY LOCAL LYNCHBURG would like to bring this benefit to our small area of the country with an incentive.  Basically, we are encouraging you to Take the PLEDGE to "SHIFT YOUR SHOPPING 20%" to LOCAL this holiday season and get entered to win prizes.  TEXT the TWO (2) WORDS "I PLEDGE20" TO 25399 each week from November 1st through January 3rd, for a chance to win a LOCAL gift card from BUY LOCAL LYNCHBURG and its many LOCAL businesses.

If you see our sign out in the community or in a store, look to see if they are doing a "fish bowl drawing" promotion by taking the pledge at their store or restaurant.  Many are doing it this way, so there are several ways to win.  Keep an eye out for signs, OR just ASK and encourage them to participate.

So... SHIFT YOUR SHOPPING 20% this holiday season and everyone is a winner.  We encourage you to challenge co-workers and friends -- Gather up your receipts at the end of the holiday shopping season and see just how well you did. Make some bets of your own... everyone likes healthy competition.

So thank you again for your support of this program and of the Retail Merchants Association & BUY LOCAL LYNCHBURG. Remember that in order to keep educational programs like this available, we need our LOCAL businesses to JOIN our efforts. (CLICK HERE FOR MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION)


Buy Local

Buy Local Lynchburg and the Retail Merchants Association is encouraging everyone to support SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 29, 2014.  As we all know, the large retailers have Black Friday.  With the assistance of American Express, retailers across the nation have been getting a lot of coverage of Small Business Saturday.  RMA and Buy Local Lynchburg supports many great campaigns across the county that benefit local small business (the 3/50 project is on the same level).  American Express provides commercials, internet space, and free posters/merchandise in an effort to support small business.  Why wouldn't WE support this effort?

It's all about education, and the more we can educate consumers on the importance of Buying Local, community commitment and the value of what small business bring to our communities, we will all be better off.  Our smaller merchants will never be able to compete with their large corporate competitors when it comes to Black Friday ads, fliers, specials and internet deals.  A few establishments enjoy the day off and don't even bother opening, so we can claim our own day... and if American Express wants to flip that marketing bill, let's support them!

CLICK HERE to find out more about fliers and marketing materials that are available, compliments of American Express.


What We’re Doing

2014 Schedule
Two $10's on Tuesday - Local Promotions and Campaigns
(each Tuesday/all year)
June - "What Would You Wear?" - Community T-Shirt Contest for BLL
July 1-30th - Where's Waldo - Sponsored by Givens Books and Buy Local Lynchburg
September - Get Downtown - Distributed BuyLocal Goodie Bags
September - January  - Shift Your Shopping 20% Campaign
November - Small Business Saturday


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